Have that dream engagement ring in mind? Maybe you would like to design a whole new jewellery piece for yourself? Or maybe you are you interested remodelling old jewellery?

At Carin’s Jewellery Design we are passionate about designing and manufacturing exquisite engagement rings and jewellery pieces. Our mission is to provide our clients with accessories to fit their personality, while adding a touch of culture to each piece. With our highly skilled team of experienced goldsmiths we are determined to make your dreams come true!

Our design consultations take place in our private consultation room at our Bloemfontein studio. If you do not reside in Bloemfontein, and would like to continue correspondence, we would be happy to schedule a virtual appointment with you, via Zoom.

Please take note that our consultant & designer works by appointment only. Please be advised to book your appointment in advance by sending us an email directly.

For questions & quotations please email or call us on 083 454 5700.